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Our light bulb chart will help you verify that you have chosen the correct lamp size. Automotive light bulbs vary in shapes and styles and their size, base, design, color, and light output. Generally, there are three major vehicle light bulb technologies: halogen, LED, HID. Because of this, there is no single, universal solution to select the correct vehicle light bulb size for your vehicle. In the following chart, we list the light bulb sizes for each of these three lighting technologies.Car Bulbs header text ...

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CHEVROLET CORVETTE, CHEVROLET ALERO, CHEVROLET AVEO / KALOS Hatchback (T250, T255), MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS (W168), AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3), MERCEDES-BENZ 100 Bus (631), ALPINA B3 (E36), MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS Coupe (CL203), ALPINA B3 Estate (E36), ALPINA B3 Coupe (E36), ALPINA B3 Convertible (E36), ALPINA B6 (E36), ALPINA B3 (E90), CHEVROLET CAMARO, ALPINA B3 Convertible (E93), ALPINA B8 (E36), ALPINA B3 Coupe (E92), ALPINA B8 Estate (E36), MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS (W169), ALPINA B3 Estate (E91)

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