HONDA LEGEND Mk II Coupe (KA) 1992 Bulb Sizes

We help 1992 HONDA LEGEND Mk II Coupe (KA) owners find the standard OEM replacement light bulbs and LED, HID, or even halogen aftermarket upgrades for every trim. There are many replacement bulb options to fit practically every LEGEND Mk II Coupe (KA) vehicle since it first rolled off the assembly line. Many 1992 HONDA LEGEND Mk II Coupe (KA) owners choose to upgrade stock headlights to a brighter, healthier, and more reliable LED set of lights. Nowadays, new LED projector sets are trendy.

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Front light sources

Low beam H4
High beam H4
Parking light W5W
Front direction indicator P21W
Side direction indicator W5W


Rear light sources

Rear direction indicator P21W
Tail light P21/5W
Stop lamp P21/5W
Back-up lamp P21W
Rear fog lamp P21W
License plate light R5W