Car DACIA DOKKER Express Box Bulb List

Understanding your DACIA DOKKER Express Box bulb sizes makes it easy to change the vehicle's appearance and brings instant performance or comfort benefits. Check out DACIA DOKKER Express Box light bulb list to see precisely what kind of lamp you need and how much it will cost you to replace an old bulb. DACIA DOKKER Express Box LED lights are the best and most energy-efficient lighting type, but they are also very pricey.

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Front light sources

Low beam H4
High beam H4
Parking light W5W
Fog lamps H16
Front direction indicator P21W
Side direction indicator WY5W
Daytime running light P21W


Rear light sources

Rear direction indicator PY21W
Tail light P21/5W
Stop lamp P21/5W
Back-up lamp P21W
Rear fog lamp P21W
License plate light W5W
Auxiliary stop light P21W


Internal light sources

Interior light W5W
Boot light W5W