Complete your outside lighting makeover by adding custom signal lamps

 Have you got new headlamps? You can make the signals of turn, parking lights, bumper lights and side markers looking incompatible with them. Here in our post, we are analyzing the side lamps if you want to finish a custom look.

 During the history of autos, cornering lights have featured a look which is compatible to designs of the headlight.

 The front lights on an automobile have achieved a lot during all cycles of automobile design to describe the appearance of the front fascias of cars and trucks. Regardless of the decade, in which a car is produced, the headlights and signal lamps have in general been designed to complement each other with a general theme and unchanging look.

 When the side lamps were presented, for example, they would mimic the headlights of circular or oval shape to complement round headlights of that time; it was about a century ago. In the 1960s, when the stylists started tucking headlights behind grilles, many turn signals and side marker lights formed grooved slats that resembled the grillwork itself.

As headlights turned in the 1970s from round shape into square one, lights of parking and lights of bumper unexpectedly presented sharp corners as well. There were soon followed pop-up headlights, which had tiny "windows" or other lights that were nearby. It allowed high beams to flash – even though headlight assemblies were pulled in. Aero lamps in the 1990s led to flush, bent parking lights. When the projector headlights of the beam style became popular, the sidelights accommodated, and the projection-like types were also introduced.

 So let's take your own car into consideration. You may have mounted custom headlamp assemblies with special halo rings or LEDs. Or you have installed smoke lens covers. Instead of a mirrored, there is the black backdrop inside the housing. If your neighboring turn signals, parking lights, side marker lights, and/or bumper lights are still available, they presumably look irrelevantly as they no longer suit the headlights.

 Are you gonna install custom headlamp assemblies? Combine them with custom side markers, bumper lights, cornering, parking light and more to finish a new look for your car.

Do not worry - we will assist you. We give you a broad range of custom lamps to complete your new look of the car. It enables you to create a match for just about any headlamp bunch. We will discuss a couple of them in this post. We also categorized items into three groups - cornering lights, side markers, and bumper lights - but there may be a little overlap in how the same lights are placed on your car.

 Don't judge a product that you see by its lead photo. Once you enter the page, the variety of them will be offered

 We have one very important note - any product page has a single lead image when you look at the lights that we sell. Whatever custom lamp appears in the lead photo, it does not signify all possible varieties of customs signal lamps that we offer, after you enter the page and enter the year, the make, and the model of your car.

Look at the boxes that are on the left side of the main page. They allow you to short the search of the product

You can also see the checkboxes to filter the search of the product by the color of the lens and brand; it’s on the left side of the page. For having an overview of the different designs of the custom headlights that tend to meet the offerings of custom signal lamps, we suggest reading our corresponding article "How to choose the best custom headlamp assembly."

Which cornering, side marker, and parking lights can you choose?

 Firstly, we offer Spec-D Custom Corner Lights, Spec-D Side Marker Lights, CG Corner Lights, and Spyder Custom Cornering Lights. They provide a combination of Euro and other stylized patterns, and LEDs if you use a car for restricted applications.

If you choose the system which has no LEDs, an extensive range of cornering and turn signal lights of such labels as Anzo Euro Signal Lights and IPCW Corner Lights is offered. They are made in Euro-style.

The owners of the Jeep Wrangler vehicle can enjoy Recon's Round Front Turn Signal Kit. It comes with two options - a smoke lens cover (select LEDs of yellow-brown or white color) or transparent lens cover (choose between LEDs of brown and white color).

Also, you can choose the Recon LED Fender Light Package. It removes the little, round factory lights that are placed into front fender edges. Select smoke lenses with LEDs of yellow-brown or white color, or transparent lenses with amber or white lightning.

 What bumper lights do we offer?

 When it comes to lights, which are built especially to place on the bumper or within a bumper cover assembly, we suggest four types - the Spyder Custom Bumper Lights, Spec-D Custom Bumper Lights, IPCW Custom Bumper Lights, and CG Custom Bumper Lights. The first ones are offered in two styles – Euro and LED. The second type comes without LEDs. The third type of bumper lights, IPCW Custom Bumper Lights are also provided either in Euro or LED style. The last one, the CG Custom Bumper Lights, does not have LED.

We advise you to check our collection if you have free time to spare, and we promise - you will definitely enjoy what you will see. But it can be challenging to choose custom lighting that you will prefer since the install is easy. Why is it so? Because all the light that we offer is created to be placed in the spaces where OEM ones were – by using factory mounting points. There will be no correction to be required.

When the latest lights are installed, stand back and see how banded your trip looks with having free headlights, taillights, and signal lights! We hope you will enjoy it!